1. What is a


school management system


Ans :

School management system

is a software that the administrators, teachers, Parents and students can use to track performance, manage Fee and attendance and collaborate with each other. In summary, It is a software that helps schools become more efficient and communicate more effectively.

2. What are the usage of a


School management system ?

Ans :

School management system

(software) helps a school do following asks effectively:
1. Fee management
2. Attendance management
3. Study material sharing
4. Homework announcement and submission


Student Information management

6. Exam and Report card management
7. Communication management


Student Transport management.

3. How will TutMe benefit me in Fee management?

Ans : TutMe ensures that all the repetitive work that you have to do in Fee is taken care of by the system. Also the message of fee generation, fee deposit and fee reminder are auto created and sent with all required information to parents. It reduces mistakes, usage of paper and improves communication. One can also opt for online fee payment integration resulting in better collections.

4. How will TutMe benefit me with Attendance management?

Ans : Attendance management and analysis is an important and innovative aspect in TutMe. It ensures seamless and on-time information to parents as well as an analysis, that helps teachers/ institutes identify the students who are missing classes regularly.

5. Can I share videos lectures on TutMe? How will students watch it?

Ans : Yes, you can share video lecture links through Add lecture screen in app/ web login. In fact you can share a photo, documents in any format or a video link seamlessly. The students/ parents receive a message on the dashboard when a lecture is uploaded and simply by clicking this message, they can watch the video or any other format.

6. Is my data safe on TutMe?

Ans : Yes, this is the most secure School management software platform in India with a secure mark when you type in the web address in the address bar. It uses encryption technology to ensure you don’t have to worry about your data and focus on academics.

7. How is the tracking of my school vehicle be done? Can parents get the tracking on app?

Ans : We can configure either the GPS device installed in the bus or a mobile phone installed in the bus specifically for this purpose (or driver’s phone). Parents see the relevant vehicle tracker on their app through GPS technology.

8. Can I send a message to all the students in one go?

Ans : Yes, You can broadcast a message either to a class or a group of classes or to all the classes. This message is delivered both as SMS as well as on their dashboard.

9. Can I send a message to one student’s parent?

Ans : Yes, you can send a text message to a specific parent. You can also communicate with a parent on the app.

10. I have multiple schools. Can I manage all of these from one screen?

Ans : Yes, you can. Depending on which branch you want to see details of at a moment, you can go in there from the login screen.

11. My different branches follow different patterns - CBSE/ICSE and state board? How do I setup the report card?

Ans : The report card setup in TutMe is modular and any structure can be fitted in there. So if you know what kind of structure you want, you can drag and drop and create that structure in minutes. You can create different structure for different classes and assign the same accordingly.

12. Do I need to keep a person to manage this?

Ans : That’s in fact a very relevant question. Most of the school management systems based on older technology needed that. However TutMe has built in a way where everyone can do his job and all the entries reflect everywhere in the system as needed. This is a true ERP like corporates operate. As this is SAAS, you don’t have to worry or pay for any kind of maintenance etc also.

13. What if I delete my data accidentally?

Ans : The backup of your data is maintained on cloud servers and you will be able to restore any data for last 30 days at any point in time.

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